Company Information

About City Office

Established in 1987, City Office has been manufacturing office chairs and furniture for more than three decades. We have been fortunate enough to have grown sustainably, investing in technology and machinery that has enabled us to systematically increase our product range and capacity during this time. During the decades since our inception however, the one aspect of our business that has remained unchanged, is our distribution model.

We have always supported and invested in a dealer network, who represent the brand at an end-user level and make it possible for us to focus on developing products that truly exceed expectations. Our Dealers are vetted, accredited, provided training on all our products and their production, and are supported logistically to ensure that our products are readily and professionally available within the commercial market.

Maintaining contact with our users

We ensure that we maintain a close relationship with our dealer, encouraging engagement and feedback, because through these collective interactions we get a true understanding of customer needs. Being represented by thousands of dedicated full-time office professionals across South Africa we have been able to maintain close contact with the users of our products over the years.


Focused Excellence

Our operation is managed as three independent manufacturing units, which provide manufactured components to an assembly plant, with finished product delivered directly to our dealers. We develop specific skill sets within our three factories, with steel, wood and fabric requiring specified manufacturing and processing methodologies, as well as the right people to drive these processes.

A passion for innovation

Our strength and passion lie in the design and development of new products and solutions for an ever-changing South African market. This includes not only physical manufacturing but extends to the design of these products to ensure a truly local product built for South African conditions. Being able to bring the competencies of three dedicated units together to achieve this, is how we stay innovative.