About City Office

Established in 1987, City Office has remained committed to manufacturing quality office furniture for the South African commercial sector. Our sustained growth is directly attributable to our continued investment in our employees, community, dealer network and the technological infrastructure required to produce product ranges suitable for the South African market.

While the local manufacturing sector has been under constant pressure, we have continued to invest in the technology, machinery and expertise required to produce a world-class product. This long-term commitment and investment in the local manufacturing sector has ensured that City Office remains the largest manufacturer of office chairs and seating solutions in South Africa.

All our products are manufactured in our factories which occupy a combined space of over 20 000m2, located in the West of Johannesburg. All finished goods are distributed nationally to our warehousing facilities, where we help manage our dealers' stock requirements.

A Truly South African Product

We give credit to our staff of over 300 employees who are tasked with producing our range of products. It is their commitment to our skills development programs and channels that ensure that we exceed the rigorous quality standards that have become synonymous with City Office.

All our raw materials are sourced locally and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they meet prescribed compliance and quality standards.

The four major groups of raw materials are processed by our four divisional factories to produce the various product components. All are tasked with ensuring the required stock levels to service our assembly division who are able to offer the shortest lead times possible.

Metal Works
Component Manufacturing
Foam & Upholstery

Why local is really lekker!

We source and procure all our raw materials exclusively from local manufacturers, not because of sentimental considerations, but because it makes good business sense to do so.

We attribute our sustained growth over the past few decades to our ability to produce goods of superior consistent quality. It is this consistency that underlies our confidence in being able to offer a comprehensive 5 year guarantee on all of our products. To achieve this consistency in quality we have had to rely heavily on the relationships that we have forged with all our raw material suppliers.

Fundamental to the manufacturing process is the fact that the quality of the raw materials contribute directly to the quality of the end product. We consult directly with our suppliers constantly to ensure that we receive raw materials of not only the highest quality, but those that posses the most suitable qualities and characteristics necessary for the production of a quality chair.

We seek to nurture the same relationships with our dealers, with an open door policy that invites collaboration and consultation. We view our dealers as a link to the consumer and it is only with their insight and experience that we are able to design, develop and deliver product ranges that exceed local expectations.

The office furniture manufacturing sector has always been vulnerable to the forces of currency fluctuations, but our dealers can be confident that we can offer them the following assurances year in and year out:

Products of consistent superior quality

Having been in business for almost 30 years offers our dealers a track record that they can embrace with confidence. All our dealers understand our uncompromising commitment to superior quality standards, confirmed by our no-nonsense five year warranty which they can confidently extend to their clients.

We offer our dealers access to the production process where they can witness firsthand the creation of the products that they represent in the market. This is supplemented with full training and support available to all of our dealers.


Like ourselves, our dealers rely on the long-term relationships that they share with their clients. Imported products may succeed in fulfilling an initial need, Many of our ranges have been in production since the inception of the company and very few have ever been discontinued.